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The clearspan marquee (also referred to as frame marquees) offers functional ruggedness making it suitable 12 months of the year whether on lawn or hardstanding. Unlike the Capri marquee, it is not designed to be tensioned with ground anchorage. In contrast it is self supporting thanks to its solid metal framework construction. This means that the interior space is completely clear of any supporting poles. Hence the name clearspan. The design of the clearspan frame marquee means that it can offer greater flexibility of spacial use than the Capri, however it sacrifices some good looks to achieve this. The internal space of a clearspan frame marquee is also larger because the sides of the marquee are vertical whereas a Capri marquee has a gentle slope. Neither marquees require guy ropes.

Therefore if you are looking for a marquee which will perform as well in winter as summer, then the clearspan marquee is the obvious choice … in fact it is the only choice. Once again if you are looking for a marquee which can be attached to your home, or similar building, then again a clearspan marquee is the style of marquee for you. Whereas the Capri marquee is only suitable on lawn, a clearspan marquee is as much at home on lawn as it is on hardstanding.


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The Roder HTS Hocker Solid Flooring System

Our clearspan frame marquee range can be installed with an optional solid raised floor. This should NOT be confused with wooden floors supplied by some of our competitors. A simple wooden floor simply consists of a series of interlocking boards placed on the ground. Our superior flooring system is raised off the ground and our wooden boards are secured to a rigid metal subfloor system, which in turn is bolted to the physical marquee itself. This ensures that the marquee floor is perfectly level and flat, even if the ground below is uneven. It even allows the marquee to be positioned across two levels. In addition our raised flooring system ensures your guests feet are kept off the cold damp floor below. Add a marquee heater to the mix and your guests will think they are in the comfort of your home or cosy hotel venue!

Please note that carpet is supplied with our wooden floor system and included in the price.

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Marquee Solid Floor

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