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Capri Marquee Information

What is a Capri marquee?

A Capri marquee is a tensioned structure manufactured in the United States. This marquee must be sited on a clear, level lawn area.  It is a lighter weight structure in comparison to our clearspan marquees and as such it is only available throughout spring and summer.

What Capri marquee sizes are available?

The Capri marquee comes in three sizes; 20x20ft, 20x30ft and 28x38ft.  It is important to note that multiple Capri marquees can be connected together allowing for larger events and/or zoned areas if required.  One of our most common wedding configurations consists of two 28x38ft Capri marquees linked end on end. Up to 80 guests are seated for dining in one marquee and a dance floor in the other.

Is the Capri marquee supplied with side walls?

Yes - each Capri marquee is supplied with a mix of solid white and window walls. They simply and very quickly clip onto a cord that runs around each and every arch. They can be installed or removed in a matter of minutes without any prior experience.  Alternatively they can be unzipped down the middle and draped back.

Is it possible to install the Capri marquee on hardstanding?

No, sadly not.  The Capri marquee is totally reliant on its anchorage into the ground.  As such the Capri marquee must be sited on clear level lawn. We normally suggest an additional 1ft of clear lawn space all the way around the marquee to ensure optimal tension can be achieved.

What size Capri marquee do I need?

Our smallest Capri marquee is a 20x20ft structure which can seat up to 24 for dining or hold up to 35 standing guests.  The next size up is the 20x30ft marquee which will seat up to 50 guests or up to 65 standing guests.  Finally our largest Capri marquee is the 28x38ft structure and this will seat up to 80 guests or 100 standing.  More than one Capri marquee can be connected to accommodate larger events or to create zoned areas. Get in touch to receive a no commitment tailored quotation.

What lighting options are available in the Capri marquee?

The lighting options in the Capri marquee are limited by the lack of any internal metal framework from which to hang any lighting rigs from.  Therefore we offer fairy lights connected to each of the arches and colour controllable uplighters.  Floor standing disco lights are also available.